Effect of TV Commercials
in Japan

Compared advertisement on other media, TV Commercial advertising reaches a larger market, has a quick and lasting impact, and is an effective branding strategy. TV ads have the largest impacted when aligned with a target audience’s viewing habits. Specific audience viewing habits can be observed through TV Rating / Share statistics and are available during the ad selection process. In addition to appealing content highlighting the benefits of your products and services, TV ads funnel customers to your sales channels through on-screen infographics displaying your store front locations, website address, and sales telephone number.

Key benefits of TV ads

Credibility and brand awareness

Targeting and stimulating your target audience’s drive to consumer

Funneling customers to your sales channels (location, website, phone number, etc.)

Types of TV ads

There are two (2) main approaches to buying TV ads: “Time” and “Spot”

Time TV Commercials

A Time TV Commercial is a contract to place an advertisement during a specified program. The program is requested by the advertiser based on viewing habits of the desired target audience. A Time TV ad is available from 30 seconds and is generally contracted for six (6) months. The advertisement will appear during the selected program regularly throughout the period of contract. This creates a memorable viewing experience and increases brand awareness by linking your products and service to your target audience’s favorite TV shows.

Spot TV Commercial

A Spot TV Commercial is a contract to place an advertisement at a specific time of day. The time of day is requested by the advertiser. A Spot TV Commercial is available from 15 seconds and varying contract lengths depending on the advertiser’s needs. Multiple spots can be purchased throughout the day or concentrated over a targeted period. “Spot” TV Commercials are useful when creating a seasonal marketing campaign as the target audience will be exposed to your product and services during their regular view times, regardless of TV show.


We proved Time and Spot placements on both National and Local Free TV for all Japanese TV broadcasters.

How to broadcast a TV Commercial

If you have
the TV Commercial materials…

  1. Send us an inquiry

  2. Hold initial meeting (face to face / Skype etc.)

  3. Censor of business and marketing materials

  4. Receive proposal and quote

  5. Place Time/Slot order with broadcasters

  6. Review advertising plan

  7. Deliver material to broadcasters

  8. Airing of TV Commercial

  9. Report viewing statistics

If you do not have
the TV Commercial materials…

  1. Send us an inquiry

  2. Hold a TV Commercial production consultation

  3. Censor of business

  4. Receive proposal and quote

  5. Production and censor of advertising materials

  6. Place Time/Slot order with broadcasters

  7. Review advertising plan

  8. Deliver material to broadcasters

  9. Airing of TV Commercial

  10. Report viewing statistics


Time TV Commercial

Rates are set based on popularity, ratings, market trends, target audience, and other elements of the broadcaster’s program. The final cost will be negotiated between the advertiser and the broadcaster.

Spot TV Commercial

Rates are generally determined by the following formula: Targeted GRP(Gross Rating Point) x CPRP(Cost Per Rating Point). If a specific budget is required, efforts will be made to create a suitable advertising plan to fit the advertiser’s needs.

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